Operation: Save Mom’s Sanity

Seven kids is a lot. No matter what kind of person you are, 7 kids is a lot. Being as I went from 4 kids to 7 kids so quickly, and also went from one age range of kids to a very different age range of kids, I am in a constant state of trying to configure the best set of circumstances to keep the chaos manageable and my sanity in tact. Operation: Save Mom's Sanity is actually an ongoing mission. I will admit-I have not yet figured it all out! I know I know-you are shocked. If you can't tell that is dripping with sarcasm. I'll probably get it all figured out the day the last kid moves out. But I guess that is motherhood. Doesn't mean I won't keep trying!

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Concerning Grace

So I was planning to write a blog post today about raising teens, but then my teen went and had a moment with me that changed everything I had planned. We have one teen currently: Grace. Her name fits her in so many ways, but one way is that it is by God's grace we... Continue Reading →

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Menu Planning

Oh menu planning. Last week I talked about all the likes and dislikes in a family our size (though they are existent in a family any size!) and the ways we tackle that at meal time. That same mix of tastes also plays into the many difficulties of menu planning. When planning a menu there... Continue Reading →

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Cilantro Lime Chicken

My big family LOVES Mexican! My husband could eat tacos every night and never complain. In fact, we had an amazing taco bar (put together by our family and friends) for our wedding reception and it was the perfect choice for us! BUT, I still like variety. I cannot eat tacos every night. I also... Continue Reading →

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A Blended Table

You don't even need to be a parent to know that meals with children can be trying. Kids are naturally quite choosy when it comes to what they eat. Add to that: the fact that we have 7 different little personalities around the table with different likes and dislikes, the fact that David and I... Continue Reading →

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Tuesday Tip

We are still Newlyweds. There is something about a morning routine that helps make you ready to tackle the day. We are the set a few alarms type so we can wake up slowly, snuggle a little, help persuade each other to get up or we are going to be late. Our last few minutes... Continue Reading →

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Mount Karaffa

I have been a little MIA here. I am going to blame that on a little thing we like to call Mount Karaffa. I know you cannot hear me, but I am laughing a bit like a crazy person over here at my use of the word "little". There was nothing little about this mountain... Continue Reading →

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Growing up, I often dreamed about what it would look like to be a wife. I was the little girl who loved to play princess and the story always ended with a wedding. As I grew older, I actually spent time trying to learn what a good wife looked like and praying to be that... Continue Reading →

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I Have a Book

I have a book. A book of horrors. I can’t even crack it open without my heart beginning to race. I can’t peek at its pages without feeling the sweat form on my palms. Common sense would tell you to avoid such a book, but I cannot. I keep coming back to it as though... Continue Reading →

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With Grace

Grace: Undeserved, Unearned, Unmerited Favor  This post is not about divorce. Stay with me until the end. Three years ago, the man I was married to decided he did not love me anymore. It hurt-more than any pain I had felt before, but he did not become any less my husband in the moment he... Continue Reading →

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The D Word

Divorce. A word that is almost treated like a curse word in many churches. A word that often feels like an unwanted label on the one who wears it. A word that is avoided in conversation and a cause for shame. I got divorced. I still hate saying it, but there it is. I was... Continue Reading →

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“I could do it”

Let me tell you about Grace. Grace is 13 years old. She is a very responsible, well behaved and respectful 13 year old. She makes us so very proud on a regular basis. But, she is still 13 and definitely has her moments of acting like a young teenager. We are thankful for the great... Continue Reading →

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Back to Reality

We are married!! Our wedding day was perfect. Well, as perfect as a wedding day can be. There was some crazy (including Josiah throwing up in the middle of the dance floor during the reception!), but everything came together beautifully and was a lovely representation of both of us and our family. I will share... Continue Reading →

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Ok, so I am aware that you can just take first letters from words and make anything an acronym, but I assure you that this is actually worthy of its own acronym. Single-parent-long-distance-dating. We did this for 6 months and many people asked us why. Why choose to date someone far when dating as a single... Continue Reading →

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Our Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos is a term I started using years ago. When I married the first time, I married young. It was part of the plan, remember? I also began to have children young. In July of 2011, I became the mommy of twin girls! Thirteen months later, my son was born. Nineteen months later, I... Continue Reading →

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Beauty From Ashes

Where should I even begin? How about with a greeting? Hi. Hello. My name is Ashley. I am 30 years old. I am divorced. I have four children, 5 years old and younger. I was a teacher turned stay at home mom, turned baker, turned small business owner, turned stay at home mom. And in all... Continue Reading →

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Big family, Big meals

I had a few requests for me to post a peek of all of my menu cards from my prior post about how I tackle menu planning effectively. You can find that post here (Menu Planning). I will absolutely share what meals made the cut for us. Some of these will be very recognizable to... Continue Reading →

Wake up and smell the Chaos

I heard that line in a TV show lately. Wake up and smell the chaos. I have kind of adopted it since hearing it. It is a fitting description for mornings in this household. You know you are going to wake up to it, but then there is usually some other forms of it wrapped... Continue Reading →


I am by no means the "got it all together" mom, but what fun is there in that anyway? I have always loved the idea, though, of establishing a way for my family to recognize advent and start some traditions that will turn into solid, smile-bringing memories for my kids. As soon as the twins... Continue Reading →

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