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Archive for March 2017

Don’t Save the Dates

There are many things this family lives by. One of them is: What’s life without a little chaos? In the last post I was catching you up on all the most recent chaos. Plans started changing so fast we were in a mad scramble to keep up. We had a short time to make a…

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A Punch to the Face

Plans: intentions or decisions about what one is going to do. “Everyone has a plan…until you get punched in the face.” Mike Tyson may have been referring to the boxing ring when he said this, but am I the only non-boxer who still feels like they totally get what he was saying? I couldn’t count…

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The Struggle

One and a half months. This is how long we have been becoming blended. This is how long we have been learning how to become parents of 7. This is how long we have been learning how to become siblings. This is how long we have all been learning how to invite more people fully…

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On Sunday night, David and Grace came through the door after arriving home from youth group. David had gone to pick her up while I stayed home with the younger six to make pizza for dinner. I heard David say upon entering, “Go tell her what you told me in the van. She’ll get a…

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