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Archive for June 2017

The Honeymooners

We are currently in the family sports car (the red minivan which, compared to the E-350, is our smaller, less practical vehicle) driving to Virginia to deliver Grace, Hope and Faith to their other mother. They don’t see her very often, but every July, they go and spend a month with her. While we are…

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Learning from Each Other

On Tuesday, Grace attempted to be me for a whole day. It was funny, and hard, and something we both learned from. It was something that started as a joke around the dinner table, but became so much more. If you missed the blog post about Grace’s day of trying to be me, you can…

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“I could do it”

Let me tell you about Grace. Grace is 13 years old. She is a very responsible, well behaved and respectful 13 year old. She makes us so very proud on a regular basis. But, she is still 13 and definitely has her moments of acting like a young teenager. We are thankful for the great…

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Bless this House

I realized that I have not yet given an update on the home we are having built for our new blended family. Everything happened really fast back when we signed the contract for the house. Things we were changing and timelines were shortening so we prayed fast and acted fast, and then life continued on…

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Back to Reality

We are married!! Our wedding day was perfect. Well, as perfect as a wedding day can be. There was some crazy (including Josiah throwing up in the middle of the dance floor during the reception!), but everything came together beautifully and was a lovely representation of both of us and our family. I will share…

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