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Archive for July 2017

With Grace

Grace: Undeserved, Unearned, Unmerited FavorĀ  This post is not about divorce. Stay with me until the end. Three years ago, the man I was married to decided he did not love me anymore. It hurt-more than any pain I had felt before, but he did not become any less my husband in the moment he…

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The D Word

Divorce. A word that is almost treated like a curse word in many churches. A word that often feels like an unwanted label on the one who wears it. A word that is avoided in conversation and a cause for shame. I got divorced. I still hate saying it, but there it is. I was…

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Today, I am not just becoming one with your dad, I am becoming family with you. Over the last few years, I have prayed intensely for more measures of grace, more measures of hope, and more measures of faith in my life. God has answered that prayer for me in so many ways, but today…

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My Wife Has a Blog

I asked David a while back if he would do a guest post on the blog. I know most readers are curious about this man that I have chosen to begin again with….well, begin with a big ole jumpstart! This statement will make more sense after you read, but-I waited 30 years for a man…

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No Way

Today while shopping, a scene oh so familiar played out. We entered a store to browse and the saleslady struck up a conversation with us. So often while shopping, or attending a function, or even an appointment, with or without kids, a conversation will begin. Almost inevitably, it comes up that we have seven kids.…

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The last time I wrote, David, Grace, Hope, Faith and I were traveling to Virginia to drop them off for their month at their other mom’s. After the emotionally taxing pass, we spent the next day sleeping in (a rare allowance) and then exploring Monticello. If you do not know, Monticello is the home Thomas…

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