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Archive for August 2017

Exciting Things!

Disclaimer: This post is meant in jest. We have been oh so grateful for the roofs that have been over our heads and we know we have more than many. <3 Almost two years ago to the date, I had to move out of the house that had been my home for 7 years. It…

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I Have a Book

I have a book. A book of horrors. I can’t even crack it open without my heart beginning to race. I can’t peek at its pages without feeling the sweat form on my palms. Common sense would tell you to avoid such a book, but I cannot. I keep coming back to it as though…

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David and I share this in common: We are both not the biggest fans of the beach. We live in Florida, but rarely drive the 15 minutes to the beach. I was born and raised 15 minutes from the beach and never became a beach girl. We also share this in common: This feeling about…

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Karaffa Party of 9

33 days. That is how long three of our children were away. That is how long our family felt incomplete. That is how long we counted down to their return. They are home! Yesterday morning, David and I, with Madalyn, Meredith, Josiah and Charlotte, jumped in the Enterprise (the family van) and drove to Orlando…

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