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A few weeks ago, I heard from a friend that another mutual friend had chosen to stop following me on social media because my posts were making her feel insufficient. As someone who feels insufficient on a regular basis this┬áreally took me aback. I have spent a lot of time mulling over this, probably too…

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Be Still

“The longer I lay there, the more things I thought of to be thankful for, and in a moment where logic would say thankfulness should be way down my list of emotions, I was overflowing with it.”

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The Other Side

While being a part of a blended family gives us the opportunity to show a picture of redemption and reclaimed beauty, there are moments in which the brokenness of the past is still interwoven into our story.

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Finally-Part 1

**I decided there were too many pictures for one post! The ceremony and reception pictures will be posted in a few days! Be sure to check back! I married the love of my life and gained three new daughters on May 27th of this year. Now, on October 11, I am finally sharing the pictures…

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Growing up, I often dreamed about what it would look like to be a wife. I was the little girl who loved to play princess and the story always ended with a wedding. As I grew older, I actually spent time trying to learn what a good wife looked like and praying to be that…

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